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An unyielding high standards of quality in the provision of our Catering services. Ensuring efficiency, consistency and best performance on delivering our services, through vast experience and technical knowhow. A steadfast commitment to high moral standards and adherence to strict work ethics. Continuous and effective improvement of our work processes. 

A Lebanese Restaurant By Heart 


a unique concept which will differentiate the brand from the market trend by
creating a tranquil, chic haven filled with Lebanese Hospitality at its best.
The difference can be felt from our interiors to the uniform design which
epitomizes the cosmopolitan glamour of Lebanon.
Jneinetna Menu has been inspired from the Turkish, Greek & Mediterranean
spirit to continue the revolution. We use the Indian copperwares to present
our delicious Mezzah & salads, Turkish wooden Trays to place our dishes
from the grill and specially made Moroccan pots for a cup of tea after the
meal; our dramatic dining room takes you on a Mediterranean culinary tour,
accompanied by an extensive Shisha selection

Studio Kuwait
A Kuwaiti Fusion Restaurant




An year ago, the Kuwaiti cuisine has reached the popularity that is inspired
from the rich & honoured heritage
Studio Kuwait Restaurant & café is specialized in serving modern Kuwaiti fusion food
derived from the inherited taste of our predecessors and served to you in a new and stylish
At Studio Kuwait Restaurant & Café, we take the original taste blended with carefully picked up
ingredients which creates delicious dishes that provides an appetite as same as our home

tea garden Café 
Coming Soon 


Chocolate House Of Luxembourg
by Nathalie Bonn
Since 2008, The NB House of Luxembourg has been the best place for all locals and tourists to be in.

Founded by Nathalie Bonn and her family is not only a chocolate house, but it
also feels like everyone’s house, which has become the word of mouth in
months only after launching and gained its massive fame in no time.
Nathalie’s dream was to put her expertise of chocolate and her creativity in a
place where people can experience the best of it. Therefore, she found the
perfect place to find her dream in, an authentic beautiful house with a prime
location existing right in front of Le Grand-Dukes of Luxembourg Palace.
"I wanted to make a chocolate that would never be forgotten. To create a
unique chocolate moment for every individual taste.

Nathalie Bonn



P. O. Box 1 6 5 1 S a l m i ya, 2 2 0 1 7 Kuwa i t
S a l m i y a I S a l e m A l M u b a r a k S t r e e t I B l o c k 4 I B u l d . 1 I 5 t h F l o o r I O f f i c e N o. 2


T : 00965 2 5 7 2 1 7 7 2

F : 00965 2 5 7 2 1 2 2 7


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